When Fear Speaks ... Listen

The Seven Messengers of Fear

Between a polarized political climate, an uncertain economy, violence in our own streets, and wars raging worldwide, there has never been a time when Fear has been more prevalent on our planet.

The purpose of When Fear Speaks...Listen is to introduce an awareness that we don’t always have to perceive Fear as our enemy, allowing it to manipulate our emotions and shape our lives. With the right perspective, we can learn to see Fear as an ally appearing at the exact right time with the gift of information we need—not to just survive but thrive. The only caveat is, rather than running from it or trying to anesthetize it, we must turn toward Fear, embrace it and ask it what message it has for us. If we will listen, we’ll gain the wisdom necessary to transcend it and then we can send it on its way. This book drills down deeply into the dark void where our greatest Fears linger and sheds light therein.

Anyone living in a human skin will identify with When Fear Speaks...Listen because all God’s children (and creatures) are subject to a visit from Fear. When equipped with the right information from our messengers of Fear we can transcend what frightens us and can get on with what is ours to do. With this perspective, Life becomes an amazing sojourn back to the place we never left; Our oneness with the Wholeness from which we came.