The Art of Being

101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life

We have each been given the most precious and sacred gift of all, the gift of life. At some point in our life's journey, many of us begin to wonder about the meaning of life. Some may even begin a journey to discover their life purpose. Dennis Merritt Jones believes that everyone's purpose is identical; it is to be the expression of God, Spirit, Presence, Essence, the Divine (or whatever word you choose to use) manifesting in the human condition. However, with the awareness that one is on this planet on "purpose" comes a choice. One is at choice, every moment of every day, how one directs the energy and intention that honors the giver of the gift. Our purpose is fulfilled not so much by what we do, but rather the mindfulness or awareness of how we live each day.

Each of the writings in The Art of Being - 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life are supported with Mindfulness Practices, offering action steps to implement the essence taught within the writing, turning ideas into action and every moment into a sacred experience. Ultimately, the understanding at which the reader will arrive is that spiritually, the "Art of Being" is actually a lifestyle, practiced daily. It is a way of walking our sacred earth every day. Join Dennis Merritt Jones in choosing to live the gift each day brings while being guided by the daily writings contained within this thought provoking book.

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