The Art of Abundance

Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life

This is not a "prosperity book" about how to get more "stuff." The Art of Abundance is about learning how to actualize a universal principle which encompasses far more than the amount of money in your wallet, or the size of your home, or the kind of car you drive. All of these things are wonderful and can certainly add value to our lives, but not always meaning.

Manifesting a prosperous life isn't just about increasing our net worth; it's about increasing our self-worth. It's about making it possible to have an abundance of whatever shapes a life worth living, including the more intangible things such as an abundance of love, relationships, vibrant health, and the time to enjoy them all.

The question is, what does "more than enough" look like to you? That answer can be different for each one of us, but the principle that transforms essence (energy) into experience (form) remains the same. Only those who have the consciousness, courage, and faith to scale the invisible walls of the collective belief in "not enough" will know true abundance.

In The Art of Abundance, Jones identifies ten rules, or practices that, when followed faithfully, lay the foundation for a life worth living. In order to make each rule as easy to apply as possible, Jones lays out the premise, the problem, the principle, the practice, and the payoff of each. These practices assist readers in creating a greater flow of goodness into their lives--in ways they may have never considered.