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How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

the art of uncertainty
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101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life

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How to Speak Science of Mind

Como Explicar la Ciencia Religiosa

Como Explicar a Ciência da Mente

AWAKENING ~ Songs For The Soul

Chants to sing on the journey to the place you never left.

As a musician, Dennis Merritt Jones spent fifteen years in the entertainment industry writing songs and performing. As he grew spiritually, he was able to take his musical training and use it to create music that moves not only one's feet but also their heart. His musical CD, AWAKENING, offers you several different chants, along with meditation music, that will open you to your soul's presence and purpose.

The chant "Here and Now" will lift you into a twenty-minute "energy" meditation. The twenty-minute minute chant "I Am Awakening" will take you deeper, into an affirmative consciousness of unity with Life. "Oh, What A Light" will help center you in the present moment. Finally, the fifteen-minute song "Listen" offers you an opportunity to go into deep meditation, listening for that inner voice, which is always whispering, "You were meant to BE".

Fully orchestrated and best enjoyed with headphones, AWAKENING will be your daily companion on your journey.

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Here and Now


I Am Awakening


Oh, What a Light




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Free To Be ~ Guided Meditations

That Will Set You Free To Be The Person You Came Here To "BE"

As you listen to these two guided meditations by Dennis Merritt Jones, new insights about yourself and the purpose and meaning of your life will be revealed in a peaceful and subtle manner. Free To Be has been created to guide you back to the original state of wholeness which came as an inherent part of your being when you were born. Dennis' voice, backed by music that will penetrate and open your heart, will gently lead you to the place within where your authentic Self patiently awaits recognition.

Track 1: Opening to Purpose Through Creative Expression will lead you to a new awareness of the unique gift you have come to share with the world. Ultimately, your purpose is to be the open vessel through which and as which Infinite Life finds Its unique fullness of expression. Your gift is found and shared in the manner by means of which you uniquely express your purpose on the planet. When you live your life “on purpose” your authentic Self is revealed and your authentic voice naturally rises. Your authentic voice is not necessarily what comes out of your mouth but rather your heart. Discover your authentic voice and you will know you are Free To Be.

Track 2: Opening to Purpose Through Deep Forgiveness provides an opportunity for you to safely enter the deepest recesses of your mind and heart and literally transcend past hurts and disappointments. Many of us are being held in bondage by many layers of emotional pain from the past which surround our heart, making it impossible to be open to our life's purpose which can only be found in the present moment. Forgiveness is the key that sets us free and it's a key we will need to use over and over again. Dennis has often said: “As long as we are in our human body, we will always have a need to forgive.” Let Dennis help you lay down the burdens of the past and embrace the possibilities of a future which has yet to be written. With deep forgiveness you can set yourself Free To Be.

$10.00 plus tax (if a California resident), processing and shipping.

Listen to Samples

Opening to Purpose Through Creative Expression


Opening to Purpose Through Deep Forgiveness


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