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Your (Re)Defining Moments - Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

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Your (Re)Defining Moments

Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

Reading Your (Re) Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born To Be by Dennis Merritt Jones was a (re) defining moment for me. This book has heart and wisdom contained within its pages. The author has a way of presenting soul-enriching concepts in an easy and familiar manner. You feel like you are having a conversation with a good friend. From the first page, the author had me hooked into his narrative about how we become our authentic selves (which is his term for the divine essence that dwells within, our soul).

A book like this comes along to remind you of all that you are and all that you can yet become. From remembering who you are to living who you are, this book takes you on a journey from the surface of life to the inner depths of your authentic self. What I love so much about this book was how accessible it is to everyone. There is no esoteric symbolism, no words that are not succinctly and plainly defined, and most importantly, there is nothing special you have to do to take advantage of this book. All you have to have is a desire to be who you came here to be.

I appreciate the fact that the author uses his own life to illustrate some of the concepts in this book, and I also appreciate how human he allows himself to be. All too often, reading spiritual self-help books can leave you feeling worse than before as the author portrays themselves as a guru or master that is above all of that human stuff now. The author stressed again and again that being human was something to embrace. Our body is what allows us to interface our divinity with the physical plane and have experiences. Being human is a way for our souls to grow, to evolve. It should be an adventure, not a life-sentence, where we cannot wait to serve our time and go home.

Life can be one (re) defining after another, each experience getting you closer and closer to your authentic self. Living as your authentic self, you will transform your life. You will also touch the hearts of everyone you encounter. This is how the world will change, one person at a time being brave enough to take the road less traveled into the depths of their being to find their authentic self, and then sharing themselves with the world. This book is for anyone who wants to become who they came into this world to be.

~ K. Williams "Book and music lover" Review

While some of the concepts in the book veer closely into "New Age" territory, the overall message of the book is a positive one regardless of a person's spiritual outlook. If you are at a crossroads in your life or you feel out-of-sync with your surroundings, this book is a wonderful guide for a life in transition. It motivates you to embrace your personal authenticity at all times as well as to live and appreciate all of life's moments as they occur. The tone of the book is life-affirming and highly positive. It may not be for everyone, but its core message certainly resonated with me.

~ Sean Wheeler Review

I believe Your (Re)-Defining Moments is not just a continuation of great writing from Dennis Merritt Jones, but a more complete workbook in applying the principles he's taught in previous books. I read it through, cover-to-cover, but know it's not a one-time read. This is a book for my ongoing "spiritual tool box" to insure that I am not only recognizing my own (Re)-Defining moments, but also moving me forward to another level of my spiritual development. I highly recommend not only Dennis' written work, but also his coaching/mentoring. When you are ready for your next (Re)-Defining moment that is the way to go!

~ Terry Drew Karanen Review

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dennis on my radio show, Prescriptions for Healing Conflict and had the enjoyment of reading, Your (Re)Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be. It's a lifelong challenge to remember who we really are over and over again, but this book gives us an inspiring road map to find our "authentic self." The book is amazing and I would definitely recommend it for everyone to read. The easy reading style and the thought provoking exercises motivated me to go deeper. I love this book.

~ Maxi -me Review

The book, Your (Re) Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be, by Dennis Merritt Jones assists individuals to rediscover and empower themselves. I read this book and I had the opportunity to have Mr. Jones on my radio show A Happiness Index ( and found that the message of the book compelling and insightful. The wisdom of Mr. Jones’ book is congruent to my book Mindful Drumming: Ancient Wisdom for Unleashing the Spirit and Building Community.

I was struck by the message and its delivery that invites skeptics to explore the notion that as humans we are related and have kinship to all life including the stars.

Your (Re) Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be is loaded with inspirational stories and is for individuals who are serious about reconnecting to their inner spirit for daily guidance.

~ Halifax Clottey Review

I read Your (Re)Defining Moments prior to interviewing Dennis Merritt Jones on my radio show Wealthy Thoughts. The book is better than outstanding. I personally had several "aha moments. You will learn how to find, once again, your Original Self. There is only one you. Let your Original Self rise and shine. Love life once again. Read this book. Your life will never be the same!

~ Richard Levy Review

Having read Dennis's prior books, I figured this one would also have some nuggets of wisdom. I was not disappointed. Even though I'm much closer to the end of life in this body than to the beginning of this life's adventure, my goal is to learn something new each day, whether that's about something within or without. Each chapter was a reminder of either a lesson I'm working on, a lesson yet to learn, or an affirmation that the lesson has been learned. For several years I've focused on why I'm here and just recently (go figure!) it dawned on me to ask, "Who am I?" Your (Re)Defining Moments came at the perfect time to help me in that quest. As in Dennis's other books, he summarizes each chapter's content with "Points to Ponder and Personalize" and gently challenges the reader to embrace that chapter's lesson with suggested exercises. This is a book that you can read through superficially (although I don't recommend that), skip around as each lesson speaks to you, ponder over, highlight and make notes, or in whatever way works for you. Personalize your experience with it. What I found was that when I came to a chapter that I really didn't want to read, that was exactly what I needed to read to open my heart/mind/eyes to how I could (re)define myself to be more authentic. Thank you Dennis. What's next?

~ Cynthany Windwalker Review

Over our life time of daily experiences we acquire an infinite number of "Masks" we all hide behind to hide our "Authentic Self" which is the "True Self "we were all created to be!!! The basic fact is that we are all unique and different creations!!! The "Masks" we choose to acquire over our life times cover up our uniquenesses that make each of us who we were intended to be. This book provides a clear and very well documented explanation of why these "Masks" cover up the best parts of each of us and why it is important for each of us to rediscover our real and intended "Authentic Self" that we were intended to become in the first place. Each of our "Authentic Selves" have a unique purpose to accomplish in our life times and when we depart and cover up who and what were intended to be we do ourselves a great disservice and leave a void in the purpose we were put on this earth to fulfill!!!! This book provides so many examples and references that document why this is true that to not read it would be a genuine missed opportunity for learning how important it is to rediscover our "True and Authentic Self". I myself will read and refer to this book many times as as valuable life guiding reference!!!

~ Amy Winn Review

Dennis Merritt Jones was born to write this book! Clearly it is his gift to the reader and I am grateful to have savored each page like a rich dessert, slowly and mindfully. Page after page I found myself writing a bold, "YES!" in the margins as my authentic self recognized the spiritual truth clothed so beautifully in his written words.

This book guides one to a moment-by-moment practice of mindfulness whereby you consciously live in a small circle that surrounds the intersection of your Divinity and your humanity. From these pages I remember to remember--moment by moment--to "take my Authentic Self to the streets." Bravo Dr. D.!

~ B. Slensker "Aunt/Grandma Barbara" Review

I soak up anything Dennis writes and this is no different! I even bought a couple for gifts. He's a great story teller and it's an easy enjoyable read that will make you think and help you transform your way of thinking!

~ E. Berger Review

"Your (RE)Define Moments" is a wonderful book that illuminates and assist the reader with insight into their authentic self. Dennis Merritt Jones writes in a style which is easy to comprehend profound lessons we all face on the path in discovering of who we are meant to be. He has "Points to Ponder and Personalize" at the end of each chapter. I found this very effective. I was able to relate the concepts directly to my own life; therefore, each chapter had deep personal meaning. I just finished the book "Soul to Soul" by Gary Zukav. These two books tied well together.

~ Lindsay Leimbach Review

If you are looking for insight on where you've come from and who you truly are, look no further. Dennis nails it with mindful and thought provoking clarity in opening your eyes in stepping into your power. I personally opened my heart by understanding why I make the choices I do and understanding my Truth. Bravo and looking forward to more awesomeness!

~ spiritlawyer Review

This book came along at the right moment for me. I'm in the time of my life where I am looking to redefine myself in my next phase of life (children are grown and out of the house). The author asks questions that help you take a deeper look at yourself and what you want by learning from redefining moments from the past and the present. The description he gives as a redefining moment really clicked for me, it is as follows: "....redefining moments appear as they are needed. They are drawn to you sequentially to support you in the process of staying the course on your pilgrimage, each one a perfectly aligned portal in space and time, opening and closing, creating whatever experience is required to guide you back to an awareness of your authentic self where you began the journey." One of my major goals is to be authentically me and live my life with love and joy. It feels good to find a book such as this that helps by asking questions that resonate and through quotes and examples inspire you to continue the journey and that you are not alone.

~ Dee Mellor Review

I have been lucky enough to have many of what I call 'Aha' moments throughout my life. Dennis Merritt Jones learnedly names these moments '(Re)defining'. His book has given me more understanding of how to re-purpose my Aha/redefining moments and use them as my personal GPS, guiding the way to my authentic self. Sort of like eating an artichoke, peeling piece by piece to the delicious center. Whether you are well versed in the "New Thought" movement or just a side liner (like me), this book will ignite your curiosity on how turning off an autopilot life can lead you to the place of truth and authenticity we are born for. I envision this guidebook will help me create a more graceful and peaceful life.

~ Nancy Corradini Review

I really enjoyed this book for its insights of perspective. All too often we define ourselves by the chaos that reigns in our lives rather than our response to that chaos. Embracing who it is I was meant to be means not only accepting the moments in my life I'm not wholly proud of, but also of loving myself for having those moments. This book helped me see that taking the time to review those defining moments is quite possibly the most valuable time spent in life.

~ Lori Gertz Review

Beautifully written, easy to understand, and highly practical, this book is one that I will definitely recommend to my clients. Thank you Dennis!

~ David Bruner Review

Just as the author reminds us - a true teacher never points to themselves as the source of your wellbeing. Rather, they direct you inward. Dennis Merritt Jones is a true teacher and the instruction presented in this book is a perfect blending of the beingness and doingness of how to connect with your authentic self.

If you're ready to follow the path of peace and purpose that being who you truly are can bring - this teacher and this book point the way.

~ Lorna Bright Review

I was fortunate enough to be a member of Dennis Merritt Jones' church for many years and consider him a wise teacher and a man with integrity who walks his talk! His latest book "Your Re-Defining Moments" is another treasure chest of wisdom and thought provoking ideas. I have learned so many things from this great teacher and always enjoy reading his contributions to self-growth. He is articulate and descriptive and offers the reader a journey into self discovery. I applaud this addition to his library and recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better person that cares about having a life that matters! Bravo Dennis!!!

~ Luana Norman Review

This is a book I'm appreciating more the deeper I read into it. Because it includes points to ponder there are many opportunities for concentrated self enquiry. I like especially Dennis' suggestions about finding silence anywhere, and how to relax into having a photograph taken.

Thank you Dennis for this lovely book.

~ Eileen Review

I immediately resonated with Dennis Merritt Jones in Your Redefining Moments from the mention of his beefed up 57 chevy, through the Points to Ponder and Personalize, and his suggestions to slow down and pay more attention to the signs that point me to the person who I am meant to be. Thank you, Dennis, for being transparent in your sharing of your experiences in continually and increasingly being in tune with your own compass and internal guidance system. You have inspired your readers to fine tune and (re)define those moments that live within us and forever change who we are. Know that the world is a better place for your being true to who you authentically are!

~ Nancy Fagen Review

What a joy Your Redefining Moments brings to both the heart and head! In fact, it skillfully guides us in how to create this balance with great clarity and precision through the process Dennis Merritt Jones offers those of us who turn within to encounter a Self beyond outer self-identifying criteria. I have been profoundly impacted by its wisdom because it is so approachable, accessible, and workable in the interactions of everyday life as well as during more contemplative, introspective moments. And I must mention how impressed I am at how organically the author has presented principles and methods from the world's wisdom traditions in such a universal tone that blurs formal affiliation and speaks directly to the living spirit within us all. Five stars on this one.

~ Anita Rehker Review

Reading YOUR (RE) DEFINING MOMENTS took me on a trip through my life, from my earliest memories. I had no idea how many (re) defining moments I had encountered throughout my life that sent me down different pathways in search of what I do not remember.

The main thing I did find is that I grew and changed because of each defining moment even though I did not recognize that that was the reason. However, I can tell you that I have had a thoroughly enjoyable trip to find what Dennis Merritt Jones calls "the seamless Soul." I also know that this book is also another (re) defining moment in my life.

Jones has done an excellent job of laying out the path for acknowledging those (re) defining moments one encounters during their lifetime, and I found the book to be a great enjoyable read as I searched to discover my "authentic self."

~ Sydelle Rothstein Review

Dennis Merritt jones has done it again. The shift in your perception and the increased level of inspiration in both The Art Of Uncertainty and The Art Of Being were really tough to meet let alone beat. Dennis pulled it off! Reading Your Re-Defining Moments shot my inspiration vertical (inspiration eats motivation for lunch by the way!) This book answers the question all of us have asked and so many people still ask today. The question: What was I put on this planet to do, be, and share? The journey to find this ultimate answer is in-between the pages of Your Re-Defining Moments. I am blessed to read over 100 books a year from some of the most sought after thought & growth leaders of today and I can tell you that Your Re-Defining Moments is going to be one of the toughest to knock off the top of the mountain! Thank you Dennis, Joy to you in every precious moment!

~ Dan Deign Review

Who among us isn't drawn to a deeper introspection as to who we really are and why we are here? What I love about "Your (Re) Defining Moments is the idea of doing something with what emerges as a result of our inner probing. Dennis' teaching and personal ponderings invite us to see a larger reality and the unique place for ourselves to serve life's grandiosity. The fine art of becoming who we are born to be requires the commitment to contribute our gifts of Self in ways of increased value for others. I Am grateful that the virtue of commitment prompted Dennis Merritt Jones to write this book as a meaningful contribution of Self-discovery and positive spiritual action for all of us

~ Suzanne Rubin Review

This book gave me an expanded sense of myself and opened me up to a whole new way of thinking about my past, present and future. I can not more highly recommend this book for people looking for a better life living the one they already have.

~ Scott Ewing Review

As a minister and an author, I am constantly being offered books to read and asked for quotes and endorsements. I don't mind really, but there is only so much time in the day and not everything people write about interests me. When I saw the title of "Your Re-Defining Moments," I have to say that I was immediately intrigued. And that's where it began. The title did not disappoint and the read was lush and deep and touched my mind and soul in a very real way. Dr. Dennis has a gift for connecting with what you're feeling and putting it into words that cut through the "stuff' of life that sometimes keeps you stuck. I especially loved his recap of each chapter in his "Points to ponder and personalize" section. The book is written in a way that keeps you engaged, allows you time to think and builds with each chapter. I couldn't recommend this more highly and I expect I will use it as a teaching tool during the year of classes at The Global Truth Center.

~ James Melon Review

This particular book gives a succinct and clear path for you to take to become your Authentic Self. Each chapter contains "Points to Ponder and Personalize" that offer ideas to expand your consciousness as well as break down any negative beliefs that can hinder you. I find the book to be exciting because it shifts your consciousness utilizing self-inquiry along with telling some great stories. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book: "...every person who stands before you offers you an opportunity to look directly into the eyes of the One and witness It seeing Itself in you." When people ask me for more information about 'Practical Spirituality' this is the book I will be recommending and giving to them.

~ Dr. Janine H. Burns, Host: Review

Excellent book! I would recommend this book for anyone to read!

~ John Review

Throughout "Your Redefining Moments," Dennis Merritt Jones provides a simple, tangible and effective path for guiding readers through a rich exploration into truly knowing and feeling what it's like to rest in our authentic nature. This book goes beyond a simple mental understanding and masterfully crafts ways to make conscious choices in our lives that align us with our deepest of values. From this state of being, we naturally find our perfect equilibrium of peace, purpose and fulfillment.

~ Carl Studna, author of "CLICK! Choosing Love, One Frame at a Time" Review

What would our lives be like if we lived from our authentic self and shared our gifts and talents to help the world? Dennis Merritt Jones offers wise counsel in "Your (Re) Defining Moments," guiding us to key life moments where we have the opportunity to find our authentic center. Jones is one of our favorite contributing essayists with Science of Mind magazine. He meets us in our moments of sorrow and loss as well as in our moments of joy and points the way to embrace life. I highly recommend this book.

~ Diane Bishop, Editor, Science of Mind Magazine Review

Dennis Merritt Jones is a spiritual teacher of great depth, but one who's writings are very accessible. His clear writing and excellent use of story and metaphor brings spiritual wisdom to those who might otherwise struggle. This book is his most complete yet. We are "re-defined" by our experience and interpretation of significant events in our lives. Sometimes, those are significant in the sense that they are momentous, like the loss of of loved one or a major illness; at other times, they are moments known only to you, yet they become transformative in your life. The author takes you on a journey that allows you to examine these moments and distill the lessons and wisdom that they contain.

This is a book that should be in every spiritual library.

~ Jim Lockard Review

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dennis on my radio show, Prescriptions for Healing Conflict and had the enjoyment of reading, "Your (Re)Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be." It's a lifelong challenge to remember who we really are over and over again, but this book gives us an inspiring road map to find our "authentic self." The book is amazing and I would definitely recommend it for everyone to read. The easy reading style and the thought provoking exercises motivated me to go deeper. I love this book.

~ Mari J. Frank, Esq.. Review

Spirit Lead Author! He couldn't be this deep, creative and stimulating all by himself!

~ Linda Review

In YOUR (RE)DEFINING , Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones guides the reader through an exploration of the "Authentic self" and reminds us that we are continually being offered opportunities to re-define who we are. These are opportunities to challenge our existing belief systems and Dennis masterfully poses the profoundly beautiful question of "How does your Soul ask you to be?".

The book is wonderfully organized and includes highlighted specific "Points to Ponder and Personalize" throughout the book which help the reader to personalize the material. YOUR (RE)DEFINING MOMENTS is a beautifully written, highly engaging, personal study and guidebook on the nature of living an Authentic Life.

It is an outstanding addition to my library of great spiritual literature and I highly recommend it to all searchers for truth.

~ Paulette Jones Review

Beautifull writing for definitely redefining moments in our lifes for who ever likes to know the missing link great on delivery excellent package thank you.

~ Nicholas Parsons Review

The book, "Your (Re) Defining Moments" by Dennis Merritt Jones in its own unique way summarizes many of the basic "currently understood" laws of the Universe and consequently is an outstanding tool for spiritual explorers. The chapter on Forgiveness Can Be A (Re) Defining Moment is a must read. The quote by Rumi, "The wound is the place where the light enters you" sets the stage for Dennis's exploration of this area which includes a great anecdote of what his dog taught him about forgiveness. Highly recommended as are all of his previous books.

~ Patricia Gromavitz Review

Your (Re)Defining Moments is filled with practical approaches to thinking about life. Each chapter's title will entice you to want to read it. You'll find the pages are filled with relevant inspiration and rich with quotes. No doubt, life will be transformed if you spend time with Dennis' points to ponder and personalize. Then take some time with his mindful practices and you are sure to transform your world.

~ Christian Sorensen Review

Another Great Book by Dennis Merritt Jones!

Can being our true self, that Original Self we were at birth, actually result in living a life filled with happiness and fulfillment? Can finding and living in this bliss additionally assist in healing our confused and ailing world? Dr. Jones posits that this is exactly the case, and challenges each of us to step wholeheartedly into our Authentic, Original Self uncovering a deeper life of joy, purpose, and meaning...the life we were born to live!

For many of us "Becoming Who We Were Born to Be" is a challenge we step into and slide out of many times during our lifetime. In "YOUR (RE)DEFINING MOMENTS" Dennis Merritt Jones offers techniques and strategies to make the process of living on purpose as your Authentic Self easier and more joy-filled, than ever. He, also, gently reminds us that sliding off course is part of the process, too, and is actually inherent in a life well lived...a life on purpose.

I have recommended this book to friends and students and given many copies away. An invaluable handbook for those desiring a deeper experience of life...sharing the gifts that are ours to share…wholeheartedly living the life we came to earth to live!

~ Sandy Schwartz Review

An incredible book to help guide you to be the person you were meant to be. This book is outstanding and a recommended read for anyone questioning their life purpose. Thought provoking and provocative yet a gentle guide to follow as your journey to unfolds. A wonderful gift to give.

Don't miss this Gem!

~ Ken Stone Review