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Just Be Sure You Are Leading the Dance

Are you aware of this acronym for F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. I have another one for you: Forget Everything And Run. Isn't that what we often do when a fear thought appears in our mind, triggering our emotions? We reactively turn from the fear and run away as fast as we can. In the East it is said that we must learn to dance with our fear because the closer we can get to it, the more fully we can make peace with it. The practice is to understand it's not about slaying the monster; it's about learning to lead the dance.

If we are to ever master the art of living peacefully, purposefully, creativity, courageously, and joyfully in the midst of uncertainty, there is no question that fear is the boogeyman we have to face first. This requires us to dance cheek-to-cheek with our demons rather than run from them. If we are willing to listen, fear can be a great messenger to get our attention, and can even serve us well in certain circumstances. However, it's vital to remember that fear has no life of its own, other than that which we choose to give it. Fear is a word (or label) to which we have learned to assign certain emotions. Getting comfortable with our fear means taking the time to stand face-to-face with it and understanding why it is there, even if it frightens us in the process. Just be sure you are leading the dance!

Peace, Dennis

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