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Come to the Edge...a Greater Life Awaits!

  • Life is a mystery, like it or why not embrace it?
  • Learn how to come to the edge of your uncertainties and lean over.
  • Learn how to transcend the rut that keeps you from moving forward.

Join Dennis in a live Teleclass presented based on his book, "The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It", published in 2011 by Tarcher/Penguin Books.

You can't create anything new in your life from within the box of the known. This Teleclass offers insights and tools that can be used in your daily life to move beyond the fears that keep you from stepping out of the box and into new creation.

Forgiveness is For You

Opening to Purpose Through Deep Forgiveness provides an opportunity for you to safely enter the deepest recesses of your mind and heart and literally transcend past hurts and disappointments. Many of us are being held in bondage by many layers of emotional pain from the past which surround our heart, making it impossible to be open to our life's purpose which can only be found in the present moment. Forgiveness is the key that sets us free and it's a key we will need to use over and over again. Dennis has often said: "As long as we are in our human body, we will always have a need to forgive." Let Dennis help you lay down the burdens of the past and embrace the possibilities of a future which has yet to be written. With deep forgiveness you can set yourself Free To Be who you really are.

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Awaken to the Creative Genius Within!

  • Did you know you are an instrument of Divine Expression?
  • What did you come to the planet to express?
  • Are you ready to live a life of purpose and meaning?

Creative Expression - Opening to the Creative Genius Within will lead you to a new awareness of the unique gift you have come to share with the world. Ultimately, your purpose is to be the open vessel through which, and as which, the Infinite finds Its unique fullness of expression. Your gift is found and shared in the manner by means of which you uniquely express your purpose on the planet. When you live your life "on purpose" your authentic Self is revealed and your voice naturally rises to express the veritable you. Your true voice is not necessarily what comes out of your mouth but rather what emanates from your heart. Discover your authentic voice and you will know you are the instrument of the Beloved.

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It has been said that there is no such thing as problem without a resolution or a question without an answer. In these informal and spontaneous Q&A sessions, Dennis doesn't claim to always have the answer. But, he does always seem to come up with an answer that gives one pause to consider how it may apply to their life.

How it Works:

  • Audience questions are randomly drawn from a basket.
  • Dennis reads the question aloud and respond spontaneously.
  • As you will discover, there are a broad range of questions asked and you'll be amazed to find how many of them are relevant to your life today.

Questions Discussed on This Download:

  1. Why does life have its ups and downs?
  2. How do you feel about the word "Hope"?
  3. How do I figure out what my life's purpose is?
  4. How do you forgive someone who has hurt you beyond all measure?
  5. Is spirituality & peace obtainable for parents of small children?
  6. Is there reincarnation?
  7. How can two children grow up in the same dysfunctional home be so different?
  8. How do you find your highest good?
  9. How can I feel more connected if the feeling isn't there?
  10. How do you come out of a negative spiral when negative thoughts keep coming up?
  11. What is a good process to get rid of anger?
  12. How do you let go?
  13. I have been learning these practices forever. When I get triggered I toss them out the window and go old school!

Listen to Your Heart - Hear the Voice of the Beloved.

  • A chant that will ground you in your true sense of Being.
  • Harmonies in which you can lose your "monkey mind."
  • Inner peace never felt so good!

Chanting has long been a method of aligning oneself with Infinite Presence in the present moment. In the introductory vocal line to I Am Awakening, the chant declares, "When I'm still I hear a voice calling out my name, saying no matter who you are, we are one in the same--and it says, now is the time that we listen to the call, to awaken to the divinity that lives within us all--I Am Awakening..."

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Be here NOW!

  • An energy chant - great for when your working out or power walking!
  • Practicing the Presence will empower your day.
  • Music and vocals that will bring you into alignment with Joy.

Chanting has long been a method of aligning oneself with Infinite Presence in the present moment. The introductory vocal line to this chant declares, "Here and Now is where God is, and that is where I am." As the chant progresses, more and more layers of vocals are added in counterpoint creating a cyclic "round" which has no beginning or end...very much like the sacred moment at hand. By the end of the chant you will be singing along with a smile on your face knowing that the Infinite always stands beside you!

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